Lothian Tree Conservation

We are lucky to live in the Lothian area which has such abundant greenery and beautiful natural landscapes. Edinburgh is a particularly leafy city. It is important to preserve the heritage trees and growth to keep the look and for our natural conservation.

You can find out if you live in a conservation area from the Edinburgh Council planning map on their website. If you are outwith a conservation area you can carry out work on your trees and garden without the need to request permission.

Tree owners have an obligation to maintain their trees. This can include regular inspections by a trained and competent arborist to keep them in a safe and healthy condition.

Fantastic job of tidying up both our front and back gardens both of which had gone wildly out of control since we moved in.

Very professional and informative (leaving us a plant map of the garden!) and very personable.

Will definitely use again and would highly recommend.” 

 What is Required?

Permission is needed to carry out any work on trees which have a Tree Preservation Order, a TPO. Carrying out work on these trees without permission is an offence. If you live within a conservation area, six weeks written notice must be given to the council for their comment by a tree officer. The application must detail the nature and extent of the proposed work and clearly identify the trees.

Here To Help

We are happy to act on behalf of our clients if any applications are required. A small fee is charged as it involves some administration work, the collecting of evidence, and the purchase of an ordnance survey map of your area. Alternatively you may also make the application yourself, or as part of a group, and get in touch with us when permission has been granted.

If the tree is causing a danger to life or property and work is urgently needed to remove that risk it can be completed more quickly. Tree owners or their agents must give written notice to the local authority as soon as practicable after that work becomes necessary. Work should only be carried out to the extent that it is necessary to remove the risk.