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Tree Removal

 Tree removal is an essential part of responsible tree management. Trees can outgrow their locations due to changes to buildings or hard landscaping, and in urban areas can be self-seeded or poorly placed. Edinburgh Tree Surgeons are committed to maintaining the beautiful green environment of our city. We always recommend good tree management practices in the first instance. However in some cases, removal and replanting is the best course of action.

Felling Options

Tree Removals are completed in different ways according to the size of the tree, the layout of the site, and the obstacles beneath it. This can either be by sectional felling or clear felling.

Sectional Felling

Sectional felling involves climbing the tree and removing branches in order. The branches are carefully lowered and directed to the ground on ropes to avoid obstacles such as buildings or delicate landscaping.

Sectional felling is mostly done by rope access techniques. Additionally we use MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) to access the canopy if the trees are unsafe to climb.

Clear Felling

The tree trunks are cut at the base which then fall in a predetermined direction with the aid of ropes and rigging. You can trust our safe and experienced team to fell trees without damage to your property.

When considering tree work, picking the right contractor is essential. There are many cowboy unskilled and untrained tree surgeons operating which can cause damage to trees and property. We are happy to present our credentials openly – and very happy to present our insurance details on request. So you have the peace of mind to know that your property is insured for up to £10 million when we are on site. Ask for insurances, and look at reviews before making your decision.

Tree Removal Services

Site Clean-Up or Transformation

The stump of the tree can be fully removed or left as a feature. If the stump is fully removed we are able to prepare the ground for growing. Turf can be laid or grass seed planted to help your lawn regrow.

We can remove all waste from tree removal sites to be recycled. Logs can be cut into sections and left for firewood if the customer requires. We can also leave chipped waste to be used as mulch or compost.


Edinburgh Conservation Areas

Large parts of Edinburgh are conservation areas and many trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders. This protects our  heritage trees and living landscape from thoughtless destruction and alterations.

If you think you may be within a conservation area, we can give you free advice and apply on your behalf for tree work permission. This can often take several weeks, so please get in touch as soon as possible so we can process your application.

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Tree Removal Quotation

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