Tree Pruning and Crowning

Tree Pruning

Pruning tree branches will shape the tree, reduce the height and thin the canopy. This works to let more light through allowing other areas of the tree to flourish. While pruning, we always routinely remove dead and diseased wood. This process, known as ‘dead-wooding’, reduces the risk of deadwood falling in high winds which may cause damage to buildings and vehicles, and helps the health of the tree.

Clean Up

We can remove all waste from tree pruning and trimming. Chipped waste can also be left for compost and mulch. Cut logs can also be left if required. 

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a more extensive form of pruning, and involves taking the ends off every branch on the tree.  Diseased or damaged branches are also removed, preventing infections arising and improving the health of the tree.  We undertake tree pruning by accessing the tree branches using ropes, harnesses and chainsaw techniques. Most of the time within residential gardens large branches are lowered to the ground to prevent damage to property or other plants.

Certain smaller trees can be pruned from the ground with pole extension loppers or from a specialist tripod ladder.

Occasionally if access or the health of the tree is complex, we use a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) to access the branches and cut them.

Crown Lifting

In this process, lower branches are removed to allow additional light to penetrate and clear space. This can allow greater access below the tree and improve views. With more light under the tree other plants can flourish. Crown lifting can be done gradually over several years if necessary.

Deadwood Removal

Falling debris in high risk areas such as childrens play areas, over roads, footpaths or public locations can be a problem. Deadwood removal involves climbing around the canopy and removing any dead branches which may eventually fall.

Tree Pruning

Pruning Trees in Edinburgh

As with tree removal, tree pruning also comes under planning regulation in conservation areas, contact us for more information and we can apply for planning permission on your behalf.

If the tree is protected and poses an immediate risk to you or your property, then we are able to apply to the council under an exemption for dead or dangerous tree works and therefore not have to wait for consent to be granted.

Trees in confined spaces need to be pruned, and to be kept tidy and safely away from structural items such as guttering, leadwork, roofing and telephone wires – the latter is a statutory obligation. Timely pruning operations and appropriate tree health management will help you save money in the future.

Your Rights & Other Useful Information

You have no legal right to reduce the size or height of a neighbours tree which may be imposing on your garden. The best solution is to approach them and try to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. However, if parts of the tree are growing over the boundary of your property, you are within your legal right to have those parts trimmed back.

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