Tree Inspections & Reports

When to do a Tree Inspection?

There can be many reasons why it could be a good idea to survey your trees.

If you are concerned about garden safety or liability issues to other properties or road users. We can provide a report with recommendations, so that your duty of care under the Occupiers Liability Act is covered.

For insurance purposes or mortgage lenders.

For new construction, extensions, site mapping or planning.

What can we provide?

We can provide written tree reports, arboricultural impact assessments of proposed works and more in depth planning reports to BS5837: 2012.

Correct Tree Management

Looking after trees includes the effective care of all the organisms in the tree’s ecosystem. From our perspective, this would be minimal intervention unless major structural problems look likely.


Edinburgh Tree Surgeons can write inspection plans for veteran trees to optimise the health of these important trees and our environment. We are used to working in conservation areas within Edinburgh and with trees that have Tree Protection Orders, and liasing with the council over permissions.

Arboricultural Impact Assessments

Here at Edinburgh Tree Surgeons we can write arboricultural impact assessments and method statements, and provide consultancy to companies regarding tree work operations. Tree condition surveys and tree reports can be requested as an extra component to mortgage surveys.

Reports about trees can be written for homeowners, estate agents, mortgage providers and concerned residents. The level of detail you require on your report can be tailored to local authorities, construction companies or partnership agencies. Drop us a line to tell us what you need.

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