Stump Grinding

We are often asked about stump grinding. When we remove a tree from your garden, we take away all the ‘brash’ (the leafy and twiggy parts of the branches that take up all the space, we can easily dispatch this with our woodchipper, and then take the chip to the controlled waste site to be made into compost), and we also remove the ‘trunk’ (the large woody stem, we can also cut the trunk and sizeable branches into logs for you if you require). In a typical tree removal, we leave a small portion of the trunk and the roots below it.

However, if you require landscaping, or would like to turf the area, or just don’t want to look at the stump, we can also remove this for you.

This process is called ‘stump grinding’, and we use a machine to pulverise the remaining stump and the roots around the surface – most tree roots are at the surface – into a sawdust mixed with the earth. From this, the ground can be levelled, and hard or soft landscaping can be laid on top – decking, paving, patio, turf, flower beds, building work etc.

We have a small stump grinder that can get through a doorway, so can access difficult spaces in back gardens. It is also portable enough that we can get it into hard to reach areas such as up steep slopes, or near to walls.

How Does It Work?

The stump grinder has tungsten carbide teeth, and extremely hard substance as necessary to go through rock and was developed with the same technology as that used in the mining industry. This machine needs quite a bit of upkeep, as its teeth need to be sharpened with a diamond grinder. Normal abrasive metal disks are used to remove the mild steel holder that the tungsten pad is welded onto, and then the diamond disk.

We can normally offer stump grinding with any tree removal unless there is a difficult element of the work, so do ask us if it hasn’t been discussed.

Really delighted with the work done today. The guys were so courteous and efficient… seemed the trees were felled in no time, stumps grounded and no mess left! Thank you. We would definitely recommend Edinburgh Gardeners to our friends and use again should we need more work done.