Planting and Maintenance

How We Work

In addition to tree surgery services, we can also supply and plant trees in your outside area. We have skilled horticulturalists on our team who can advise as to soil type, water availability, drainage and nutrient levels. We use permaculture principles to survey the site and follow your lead as to your requirements, offering advice on the best options for your planting scheme.

Experienced Horticulturalists

We can take on formative pruning of young trees, hedges and fruit trees as we have experienced horticulturalists on our team. Small trees can be transplanted if they are incorrectly sited.

Tree TLC

For unwell trees, we also offer intense nutritional remedies and mycorrhizal fungi root applications to boost tree health.

Additional Services

Any other garden tasks such as weeding, mulching or other maintenance tasks can be undertaken as well as insecticide applications for trees which have become diseased.

Commerical and Construction Sites

Trees growing on a site before development takes place may be adversely affected by building works, as drainage and root conditions have changed and damage may have occurred during construction. Trees have large root mats that may extend further and deeper than you imagine. We can draw up arboricultural management plans to include inspection and beneficial tree work, including irrigation or soil enhancement.

Tree planting is often specified in site plans, and can be part of British Standards obligations on construction companies. Construction workers often lack the necessary training in tree care to maintain newly planted trees during the critical establishment period in the years following planting.

Construction may have moved off site and planted trees are often poorly sited and maintained. We can adequately manage tree planting and maintenance to ensure that high percentages of planted trees survive the initial stages and mature on site, providing more amenity for residents.

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If you would like to replant trees or set a new hedge, we can advise on some of the best sources for plant products, and plant and maintain professionally so that your new specimens get the best care and chance at the best start in their new locations.