Environmental Policy

Green Working Practices

All the management and staff at Edinburgh Tree Surgeons take great pride in its strict environmental policy, and our impact on the living environment.

Furthermore, our business and its staff are fully committed to reducing our impact on our planet and contributing positively to ecosystems and wildlife.

Our Environmental Promise

  • All our day to day green waste is recycled, either using council services or on site as mulches or composts
  • Our aim is zero waste, no green waste ends up in landfill
  • All our excess timber is taken to be reused for firewood or timber
  • Environmental office practices include recycled paper products and reduced landfill waste wherever possible. We also heat our office with our waste wood!
  • Wildlife legislation is complied with and upheld – the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 – particularly with reference to nesting birds. Work will be scheduled for after birds have fledged if found on inspection or initial works.
  • Replanting and tree management is encouraged above tree removal, where possible.
  • Encourage use of bird and bat boxes to encourage wildlife.
  • Edinburgh Tree Surgeons recognise the importance of preserving our heritage trees as wildlife habitats and key species in ecosystems.

Our Waste

Green waste including timber, woodchip, lawn clippings and leaves are taken to be recycled and turned into compost, mostly using the sites maintained by Forth Resource Management. In addition we work with allotment holders to provide them with woodchip and with local businesses to provide logs for firewood and joinery.

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Sustainable Contractors

Your environment is respected by our workers leaving the site clean and clear. The legislation in place to protect wildlife and nesting birds is respected, and our green waste is disposed of at certified recycling sites. Reduce, reuse and recycle are important within all aspects of our business to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. To conclude, you will not regret trusting us in your garden.