Ivy Removal Service

How We Work

We can remove ivy from any wall, tree, building or roof. Edinburgh Tree Surgeons are skilled, experienced and insured for rope access operations. We have removed ivy from Georgian houses in the New Town, warehouses in Liberton and ornamental gates in Portobello. We have also pruned ornamental Boston Ivy and Virginia creeper, creating beautiful designs on homes.

Ivy Pruning

Around windows and doors and across walls, we can prune ivy to your specifications. It can sometimes be beneficial to keep ivy and regularly prune it to keep it under control. However sometimes it is best to remove it completely. It is a very brittle plant and can leave a lot of mess and debris on walls if not removed by a professional. Call us for advice.

Maintain Your Walls

Depending on the wall or roof surface, various species of ivy can leave marks, we will always be clear with you how the removal will affect the look of your building, and can offer and can remove large roots. We cannot offer painting or roughcasting services, but will let you know if this will be required following treatment.

Ivy Advice

Ivy can look very decorative and characterful, however it can severely damage walls and roof materials if left to grow unchecked. Invasive roots can weaken brick and allow moisture to penetrate, which worsens the problem. We can advise you building damage, and can either completely remove it or regularly maintain it.

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Ivy Removal Quotation

 We offer free over the phone quotations, send us photos and we can arrange a site visit.