Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting

Hedges form natural and healthy boundaries between properties, are aesthetically pleasing and excellent for wildlife and biodiversity. Well presented hedges require regular trimming to encourage dense foliage and the desired shape.

We offer regular pruning services and one-off reductions in size.

Top Tip

It can be wiser to reduce large hedges slowly over several growing seasons to reduce the level of stress on the plants and keep them looking their best while we manage their growth.

Well Equipped Team

We have all the equipment to deal with large hedge cutting operations, including a large selection of ladders. We are skilled in our use of both petrol and manual hedge cutting equipment.

We have occasionally tackled topiary maintenance work on behalf of clients, you can rest assured the health of your hedge is in safe hands.

Leylandeii Hedges

These can quickly become overgrown, best practice is to cut these regularly and in the formative growing period to achieve the require thickness and foliage.

Cutting overgrown Leylandeii is often unsuccessful as the growth is only on the outer tips of the branches, and over-cutting can create unsightly brown and dead-looking hedges.

We can manage this but scheduling cuts over a few years, or removing Leylandeii and replanting with a different species.

Boundary Hedges

Did you know that you can’t force your neighbour to reduce their hedge height or size or reduce it without their consent?

You can prune any hedge which is growing across the boundary of your property.

The High Hedges Legislation was also recently endorsed in Scotland and through this, a complaint can be made to the council.

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Hedge Pruning Quotation

We offer free quotations for hedges, send us a few photos and dimensions of the hedge, and we can normally give you a quotation over the phone if it’s straightforward, or visit you if it is more complex. We have many regular clients in Newington, Liberton and the Grange, as well as other areas of Edinburgh, so we can keep your hedge looking neat and tidy year round if you are happy with the initial cut.