Garden Clearance

Professional Garden Services

Edinburgh Tree Surgeons often work alongside garden designers and other landscape contractors. We can cut and remove all overgrown and troublesome trees and shrubs from gardens. We are used to working on jobs with complicated access restrictions, such as removing waste through the house, up steps or over walls. We work quickly and professionally and tidy up afterwards to a high standard.

Let Us Do The Hard Work

So if you’ve got a big project on, or if you just want to have a blank canvas upon which to put your mark, give us a call and we can discuss your requirements.

Ecological Practices

We very rarely use glyphosate, or ‘weedkiller’ chemicals, often called be the brand name RoundUp. This chemical is harmful to wildlife and also, with long-term use, has been proven harmful to humans, so we do not want our staff exposed. We wish to lessen harmful environmental impact, so when clearing gardens we use machinery and labour to make sure troublesome specimens are removed. We have also been experimenting with strong acetic acid on persistent weeds with positive effects.

Over Grown Gardens

Quite often a property will be left uninhabited for several months on an ongoing basis. Without regular care, every garden will quickly become overgrown, and small trees, quick growing species such as Brambles (Rubus fruticosus) and Elder (Sambucus Nigra) quickly establish themselves in shrubberies and borders and crowd out other ornamental species.

Our team has high performance professional power tools, meaning that we can tackle situations that the average domestic gardener would not possess, and so we are well equipped to quickly clear out and deal with these gardens quickly and efficiently, removing waste and restoring them to their former glory.

Get In Touch

07917 408 188 or 01315 100 533

Marchmont, The Grange, Liberton - to name but a few

Free Quotation

Send us a few pictures of your overgrown garden, if possible pace out the site and give us an idea of what you want to keep and what can go. We can come and visit you and discuss the work and can give you an estimate of our prices on the phone. We can also deal with waste on site by leaving woodchip and cut logs for firewood if that is your preference.