Emergency Works

Emergency Tree Surgeon

Edinburgh Tree Surgeons are often able to respond promptly and effectively to emergency calls. We can dismantle and remove fallen trees or branches in a timely manner, allowing roads and paths to reopen and buildings to be made safe. We also regularly rescue cats!

Emergency Contact

If you have an emergency please call us directly on 07917 408 188.

Case Study

This tree was blown over in high winds. Miraculously there was no damage to the brand new conservatory. The tree was propped up to prevent further movement due to the extra weight when the tree was ascended.

The other obvious danger with uprooted trees is the tendency to right themselves very quickly at critical mass. The chance of the climber being catapulted into the next garden, although slim, had to be factored in. With viable escape routes established, a very careful ascent was made.

Each branch was roped up and lowered, rigged so it would fall well away from the conservatory and then processed by ground crew.


Get In Touch

07917 408 188 or 01315 100 533

Marchmont, The Grange, Liberton - to name but a few

Tree Emergency Call Out

When you are in trouble we provide a 24 hour call out service 365 days a year. We can offer instant situational analysis via Skype, phone or video call, and give you an accurate estimate. We can be available evenings or weekends for emergency work.