Case Studies

Client Feedback

“Very happy with Jamie who came to cut my box hedge & privet. He did a brilliant job in cutting my box hedge which runs both sides of a front path it is now a formal hedge which I love. Jamie is very informative & answered all my questions & tidying up after he was finished. I definitely will contact Edinburgh Tree Surgeons again.”

Client Feedback

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Sycamore Removal

There were many obstacles below this tree, including a listed church roof. All of the branches had to be rigged and directed to drop in a controlled manner to safe landing sites several meters away.

Several companies had been approached for this job but had turned the work down due to the high risk factor. Edinburgh Tree Surgeons successfully completed the work with zero damage and minimal disruption to the clients business.

Large Beech Pruning

Residents of development complained of lack of light. The large Beech tree in the shared garden posed a potential danger as it was very close to the rear of the properties. Many similar trees close by had suffered from large limb loss in high winds. The residents were scared the tree may drop a limb causing extensive damage or worse. The tree had recently dropped a large limb and the split was to be inspected and made safe.

After testing for fungal damage at the base and root level it was decided the tree was not suffering from detectable root damage and need not be felled on that basis. A further extensive inspection of the tree reported little or no noteworthy damage/infection.

It was decided that extensive pruning of the lower reaches of the canopy be performed both to allow more light into the gardens but also to reduce mass and therefore exposure to wind forces.

Royal Hospital for Sick Children Site Analysis

Tree surveys were completed in conjunction with NHS Lothian Estates Department for four large properties in central Edinburgh. Preservation area meant all works subject to local authority planning approval.

Veteran tree management program drafted encompassing pest management, removal of dangerous and diseased limbs and low hanging branches, ivy removal and wildlife management.

Other works agreed and carried out including: extensive ivy removal from buildings, walls and trees, removal of trees at boundaries at request of neighbours, removal of storm damaged trees with fallen and partially fallen dangerous limbs, other pruning.

Lawsons Cypress Emergency Removal

This tree was blown over in high winds. Miraculously there was no damage to the brand new conservatory. The tree was propped up to prevent further movement due to the extra weight when the tree was ascended.

The other obvious danger with uprooted trees is the tendency to right themselves very quickly at critical mass. The chance of the climber being catapulted into the next garden, although slim, had to be factored in. With viable escape routes established, a very careful ascent was made.

Each branch was roped up and lowered, rigged so it would fall well away from the conservatory and then processed by ground crew.

You can see photographs in our Emergency Call Out section.