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Edinburgh Tree Surgeons are experienced professionals who operate in and around Edinburgh and the Lothians. We do hedge trimming, tree climbing and pruning, tree felling, tree inspections and reports. Stump grinding is also a service we offer. The bulk of our work is domestic tree pruning, tree trimming and tree removals within the city of Edinburgh, however our wide experience within the sector means we can provide specialist arboricultural and consultancy services. We can take on any contract work, private or corporate, and often work on site preparation within the construction industry.

Do you have a small tree in a back garden that needs trimmed? Call us. Are you requiring advice on your huge veteran tree? Call us. Is your Leylandii hedge is out of control? Call us. Do you need a huge area cleared? Call us. 07917408188.

Edinburgh Tree Surgeons can make your tree problem disappear, so you can let the light shine in and rest assured.

Thanks again for all your work – a great job well done! John


Experienced Tree Surgeons

Our collective experience extends to a truly global perspective, our team members have worked in the boreal forests of Canada and completed field work in the rainforests of Belize. We have an impressive range of qualifications and accreditation’s accumulated by a dedicated team who continue to develop new skills and practices through Continuous Professional Development.

Professional Services

Following the initial consultation, Edinburgh Tree Surgeons Ltd will undertake works in line with industry best practice and adhere to British Standards. We are NPTC and LANTRA qualified, fully insured to £10 million and take the utmost care with respect to personal safety and that of your property. All our friendly highly skilled staff have an extensive list of professional qualifications. We spare no expense in supplying our staff with high quality equipment and safety wear. We are part of trusted trader schemes and enjoy an excellent reputation among our private and commercial customers.


Pruning tree branches will shape the tree, reduce the height and thin to let more light penetrate. We will remove dead and diseased wood, which avoids damage to buildings and vehicles and improves the view.

Crown Lifting – to remove lower branches to allow more light to penetrate and clear space.

Planting And Maintenance

  • Supply and Plant Trees
  • Formative Pruning
  • Weeding / Mulching / Other Maintenance
  • Ivy Removal from Trees and Buildings
  • Rope access / Inspections
  • Insecticide application

Stump Grinding & Turfing

When stump removal is not an option due to space or size, stumps can be ground down to below surface level by machine.

We can also level and prepare areas of ground and lay turf.


Tree Removals are completed in different ways according to the size of the tree, the layout of the site, and the obstacles beneath it.

Sectional Felling – we will climb the tree and remove branches in order, carefully lowering and directing branches to the ground on ropes to avoid obstacles such as buildings.

Clear Felling – this method cuts tree trunks at the base which then fall in a predetermined direction with or without the aid of ropes and rigging.


  • Arboricultural Impact Assessments
  • Arboricultural Method Statements
  • Tree protection plans
  • Mortgage Reports
  • Tree Condition Surveys
  • Constraints Plans


We can address knotweed with stem injection for mature infestations if required. Multiple site visit schedules can be arranged and documentation with comprehensive description of works provided.

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The trees look great now that I’ve seen them in daylight. The tidiest they’ve ever been. I really appreciate the work Alison

Buckstone Loan

I am Alasdair’s wife and like him, am exceedingly grateful for your and your business partner’s very efficient and quick help for us when our old tree came down on Friday morning, in the storm. Nora

Morningside Drive

Recent Case Studies

Sycamore Removal
There were many obstacles below this tree, including a listed church roof. All of the branches had to be rigged and directed to drop in a controlled manner to safe landing sites several meters away.

Several companies had been approached for this job but had turned the work down due to the high risk factor. Edinburgh Tree Surgeons successfully completed the work with zero damage and minimal disruption to the clients business.

See our video.

Large Beech Pruning
Residents of development complained of lack of light. The large Beech tree in the shared garden posed a potential danger as it was very close to the rear of the properties. Many similar trees close by had suffered from large limb loss in high winds. The residents were scared the tree may drop a limb causing extensive damage or worse.The tree had recently dropped a large limb and the split was to be inspected and made safe.

After testing for fungal damage at the base and root level it was decided the tree was not suffering from detectable root damage and need not be felled on that basis. Further extensive inspection of the tree reported little or no noteworthy damage / infection.

It was decided that extensive pruning of the lower reaches of the canopy be performed both to allow more light into the gardens but also to reduce mass and therefore exposure to wind forces.

Lawsons Cypress Emergency Removal
This tree was blown over in high winds. Miraculously there was no damage to the brand new conservatory. The tree was propped up to prevent further movement due to the extra weight when the tree was ascended.

The other obvious danger with uprooted trees is the tendency to right themselves very quickly at critical mass. The chance of the climber being catapulted into the next garden, although slim, had to be factored in. With viable escape routes established, a very careful ascent was made.

Each branch was roped up and lowered, rigged so it would fall well away from the conservatory and then processed by ground crew.

You can see photographs in our Emergency Call Out section.

Removal of 4 Overgrown Leylandii
Four 20m high Cuprocyparis Leylandii in a small back garden were to be removed.

Over 1.5m wide at the base with many obstacles below including a listed wall. Many tree firms will avoid difficult jobs like this and may be unable to handle the volumes of waste and hazards.

A team of four removed the trees. Logs were split and stacked for the customer. Stumps were ground to below surface level and the area was then turfed. The work took place over four days. The customer was delighted to have gained the large usable space in the garden.

See our work above.

Royal Hospital for Sick Children Site Analysis
Tree surveys were completed in conjunction with NHS Lothian Estates Department for four large properties in central Edinburgh. Preservation area meant all works subject to local authority planning approval.

Veteran tree management program drafted encompassing pest management, removal of dangerous and diseased limbs and low hanging branches, ivy removal and wildlife management.

Other works agreed and carried out including: extensive ivy removal from buildings, walls and trees, removal of trees at boundaries at request of neighbours, removal of storm damaged trees with fallen and partially fallen dangerous limbs, other pruning.

Emergency Call Out

When you are in trouble we provide
a 24 hour call service out 365 days a year.

We can also offer instant situational
analysis via Skype or phone.

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